Born in 1986 in a little town in the west of France, I currently live and work in Paris. 

After completed my studies in graphic design and multimedia in L'École Estienne and later in La Sorbonne, I now work as a Art Director in a digital agency.

Surrounded by metal music since teenagehood, I am largely influenced by occult imagery, esoterism, alternative culture and macabre. I am fascinated by churches, ossuary and religious art.

I draw on reproductions of Renaissance works or anatomical chart. By hijacking these pictures, I bring them a new meaning with my own interpretation. Passionate about traditional animation, I also make animated GIFs.

Since 2008, I have been published in many fanzines (Lazer artzine, Turbo Chainsaw magazine, Graisse Animal, Good vs Evil, The empires Lives on, Skullfukked by Ghouls…) and I took part of several exhibitions (Pink Poseidon Swimming Pool Party at Le Klub, Pink Poseidon XXXmas show  at Galerie Issue...).